Visual Studio Code is becoming my favourite editing tools. Here are commonly used functions in Visual Studio Code that I had to search around for on the internet to figure out and wanted to consolidate it into one space.

Windows Shortcut Action
Shift-Alt-(Mouse Movement) Block select
Shift-Alt-F Format the whole document
Ctrl+K Ctrl+F Format the selected text
Ctrl+D Select multiples of the same text
Ctrl+K Ctrl+D Skip a selection from multi select
Ctrl+Shift+[ Fold code
Ctrl+Shift+] Unfold code
Replace Alt with the Option key when using on macOS
Action MacOS Linux Windows
Block Select Shift+Option Shift+Alt
-------------------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
Select multiple/same text Cmd+D Ctrl+D.
-------------------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------

Visual Studio Code Cheat Sheets