An odd thing I noticed about my Proxmox server was that it wouldn't reconnect to my NFS server after a reboot, which was quite baffling. I tried several things to try to resolve it, including:

  • Running the umount command directly
  • Deleting and recreating the NFS mount from the GUI

Nothing short of rebooting seemed to work well for me. After searching for a while, I eventually found this link which seemed to do the trick. So here is what I ended up doing.

Create a shell script called

for i in $list
        status=$(ls /mnt/pve/$i 2>&1)

        if [[ $status =~ .*Stale.* ]]
                umount /mnt/pve/$i

Created a directory called /scripts and placed the file there

Create a cron job to check the status of the file every 10 minutes

Proxmox is unable to access the NFS server after NFS server reboot