It's been a rough couple of months that started with me fracturing both my feet and then the whole world turned upside down because of COVID-19. The fracturing of my feet resulted in throwing a bit of a wrench to my health plans. However, I did make meaningful progress in other parts of my goals for the year.

Focus on my health

Because I fractured both my feet, it limited my ability to do anything significant. The recovery took about eight weeks. Now I'm ready to resume in April.

Status: Off Track. Reset for April Onwards

Focus on learning new things through reading

I finally completed "Dare to Lead" in February and started a new book called "Atomic Habits." The quarantine has taken away my natural reading time, which was driving to work. I have to figure out what changes I need to make to meet this goal this year.

Status: Behind

Continue Writing

I had an excellent start in January with a slew of blogs that allowed me to now be on track. I've also written a handful of blogs that I am yet to publish, which will help this stat. I have a total of 7 blogs posted to date.

Status:On Track

Stop focusing on things and people that don't matter.

One of the decisions that I made in January was to start using a CRM solution called Cloze that allows me to manage my relationships better. There are also some changes in my work circumstances that have also allowed me to naturally sunset some relationships which will help on will enable me to find the balance in relationships that I've been striving for

Status: On track

Strategy to productize "Bunch of Stuff."

I've started having conversations to get a better understanding of the problems that Bunch of Stuff could best solve for

Status: Behind

Focus on keeping up with technology

Over the last couple of months, I've started a course called Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart from Udemy, which I've enjoyed. While the course goes through a lot of software development basics, I wanted to take the course in its entirety to get a better appreciation of what the strengths and weaknesses of these boot camps are.

In conjunction, I've also continued to code in Ruby for this iteration of Bunch of Stuff to keep my skills sharp.

Status: On track

While the quarantine has wreaked havoc on many things around the world, there have been several silver linings for me. The biggest one is the time that I've been able to spend at home with my family, which I much appreciate. The lack of commute also has given me more time to tackle a few personal projects.

Monthly Update - March 2020